Virginia Tech Pamplin Departments

Student Resume Book

Student Name: Graduation Date: Finance Option: Preferred Locations: Resume: Date Posted:
Alex Dansberger May 2017 Certified Financial Planning Virginia, Maryland Alex Dansberger's Resume 4/24/17
George Nasis May 2017 Chartered Financial Analyst Washington, DC; New York, NY; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA George Nasis' Resume 4/24/17
Abe Shull May 2017 Corporate Finance Virginia, Colorado Abe Shull's Resume 4/24/17
Chris Manger May 2017 Corporate Finance D.C. Chris Manger's Resume 4/24/17
Rasika Pande May 2017 Corporate Finance None. Rasika Pande's Resume 4/24/17
Joe LaFuria May 2017 Financial Accounting None Joe LaFuria's Resume 4/24/17
Adam Stacklin May 2017 General Maryland, D.C, Charlotte, Chicago Adam Stacklin's Resume 4/24/17
Jamie Buchanan May 2017 General Charlotte, Richmond, Raleigh, D.C. Jamie Buchanan's Resume 4/24/17
Olivia Goodwin Spring 2017 General North Carolina, Virginia Olivia Goodwin's Resume 5/15/17
Ryan Frost May 2017 General Nashville, TN Ryan Frost's Resume 4/24/17
Scott Fisher May 2017 General Lexington, Charlottesville, Harrisonburg, Roanoke Scott Fisher's Resume 4/24/17
Tucker Dunn May 2017 General Virginia, Maryland Tucker Dunn's Resume 4/24/17
Zachary Israel May 2017 General West Coast Zachary Israel's Resume 4/24/17
Nicolas Anderson May 2017 Investment Management New York, New Jersey Nicolas Anderson's Resume 4/24/17
Tyler Tulenko May 2017 Investment Management New York, D.C. Tyler Tulenko's Resume 4/24/17
Marcus Startzel Summer Session 2 - 2017 General D.C. Marcus Startzel's Resume 4/24/17
Debbie Cadenas December 2017 Chartered Financial Analyst Greater NYC area, South Florida, West coast Debbie Cadenas' Resume 4/24/17
Yvon Migan-Gandonou May 2018 Corporate Finance None Yvon Migan-Gandonou's Resume 4/24/17
Shivani Challa May 2018 Corporate Finance None Shivani Challa's Resume 4/24/17
Brooke Edwards December 2018 Certified Financial Planning Arizona, Colorado, New Hampshire, Texas, Vermont, Virginia Brooke Edwards' Resume 4/24/17
Austin Wozniak TBD Corporate Finance None Austin Wozniak's Resume 4/24/17
Suddy Sriram Spring 2018 Chartered Financial Analyst NY, DC, Charlotte, Chicago, San Francisco Suddy Striram's Resume 5/15/17
Yuxi Guo Spring 2018 Financial Accounting None Yuxi Guo's Resume 5/15/17
Jared Watson Spring 2018 Chartered Financial Analyst Northern VA/DC area Jared Watson's Resume 5/15/17
Jonathan Ludwig Spring 2018 Certified Financial Planning, Chartered Financial Analyst DC/Northern Virginia Jonathan Ludwig's Resume 5/15/17
Michael Bono Fall 2017 General Charlotte, NC and Rockville, MD Michael Bono's Resume 5/15/17
Josh Brown Spring 2017 General Richmond Josh Brown's Resume 5/15/17
Megan McManus Spring 2018 Certified Financial Planning East Coast Megan McManus' Resume 5/15/17
Scott Lohmann Spring 2017 General Richmond Scott Lohmann's Resume 5/15/17
Tyler Tulenko Spring 2017 Chartered Financial Analyst D.C, New York Tyler Tulenko's Resume 5/15/17
Erin Donnelly Spring 2017 General DC Metro, Northern VA Erin Donnelly's Resume 5/15/17
Grayson Smith Spring 2018 Chartered Financial Analyst Northern Virginia Grayson Smith's Resume 5/15/17
Patrick Brennan Spring 2018 Corporate Financial Management East and West Coast Patrick Brennan's Resume 5/15/17
Yichen Liu Spring 2018 Banking and Financial institutions, Chartered Financial Analyst None Yichen Liu's Resume 6/6/17