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Pasquale J. Nigro

Pasquale J. Nigro


Director Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP



Mr. Nigro is a Director with the Forensic & Dispute Services practice of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LP (Deloitte).  He is the Financial Advisory Services lead for Deloitte’s US Department of Defense and Anti Fraud Consulting in Deloitte’s Federal Practice.  Mr. Nigro provides value to these groups through his extensive experience and expertise in Forensic Investigations, Program Management and Bankruptcy Services. 

Since joining Deloitte in 2001, Mr. Nigro has led high priority projects for Deloitte’s strategic clients across public and private sectors.  In his current leadership role with the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community teams, Mr. Nigro is leading the forensic investigation projects within those organizations.   For example, Mr. Nigro was the Program Manager of teams of professionals who develop and produce the Quarterly report for Congress for the Special Inspector General Iraq Reconstruction, Special Inspector General Afghanistan and Troubled Asset Recover Program.  These teams also produce a variety of related reports that are presented to Congress and various sub committees.  In addition, Mr. Nigro has managed a team of 80 professionals, in two countries, with responsibility to review over 28,000 accounts for an international correspondent banking institution.  Their purpose was to review the accounts to determine if suspicious activity (money laundering or terrorist financing activities) were present.  The resulting content was developed by the team and included in Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS).   Mr. Nigro has also led an international team to investigate the possible existence of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations which resulted in a criminal prosecution.  Mr Nigro currently leads the team at the Defense Cyber Crime Center focused on development of evidence in support of potential litigation for the Department of Defense. His team also performs highly critical work for the National Media Exploitation Center, assisting other Government agencies looking for illicit or suspicious activities in recovered media.

Earlier in his career with Deloitte, Mr. Nigro led a team of forensic professionals in the investigation of family owned businesses in a partnership dispute.  The team uncovered information that detailed the misuse of partnership assets by corporate officers, which led to a settlement out of court.  He also oversaw the activity of a forensic team investigating the bankruptcy of a national computer reseller.  Their work led to the development of requirements for three expert reports pertaining to Alter Ego, Fraudulent Conveyance and the Forensic Investigation which assisted in the prosecution of the case. 

Prior to joining Deloitte, Mr. Nigro held a number of executive level financial management positions for companies in the private sector.  In the mid-1990s, Mr. Nigro served as the Litigation Support project manager for Zelenkofske Axelrod & Company, where he directed the activities of a team assigned to fraud investigation, records reconstruction and asset recovery for a major fraud/bankruptcy case.  He also prepared expert reports and identified altered medical financial records and provided testimony in Federal Court on his findings. 

Mr. Nigro received his Master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance and his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Philadelphia University.  He also received an Associate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Spring Garden College and completed Basic and Advanced Construction Engineering courses from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Mr Nigro is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Pennsylvania and, Virginia, Certified in Financial Forensics by the AICPA and is Certified Insolvency Restructuring Advisor (Bankruptcy).