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Department Head

Vijay Singal
singal@vt.edu540-231-7750Pamplin 1016A Vijay Singal's bio

Staff (Pamplin 1016)

Leanne Brownlee-Bowen
Terry Goodson
Jessica Linkous

Full-Time Faculty

Randall Billingsley
r.billingsley@vt.edu540- 231-7374Pamplin  1025 Randall Billingsley's bio
Don Bowen 540-231-0716 Pamplin 2122 Don Bowen's bio
John C. Easterwood
jceast@vt.edu540-231-5550Pamplin 3058 John Easterwood's bio
Brian R. Hart
brhart@vt.edu540-231-9705Pamplin 3066 Brian Hart's bio
Janine S. Hiller
jhiller@vt.edu540-231-7346Pamplin  1019 Janine Hiller's bio
Gregory B. Kadlec
kadlec@vt.edu540-231-4316Pamplin  2128 Gregory Kadlec's bio
Michael Kender
mkender@vt.edu540-231-6357Pamplin 3068 Michael Kender's bio
Arthur J. Keown
emily@vt.edu540-231-8647Pamplin 1027 Art Keown's bio
Derek Klock
ddklock@vt.edu540-231-4419Pamplin 3061 Derek Klock's bio
Raman Kumar
rkumar@vt.edu703 - 538 - 8372306 NOVA Raman Kumar's bio
Jerchern Lin 540- 231 - 5002 Pamplin 2112 Jerchern Lin's bio
Ruth Lytton
rlytton@vt.edu540-231-6678Pamplin 2114 Ruth Lytton's bio
Andrew MacKinlay
acmackin@vt.edu540-231-9355Pamplin 3062 Andrew MacKinlay's bio
Jason Malone
jbmalone@vt.edu540-231-4377Pamplin 2110 Jason Malone's bio
Sattar A. Mansi
smansi@vt.edu703 - 538 - 8406344 NOVA Sattar Mansi's bio
George E. Morgan
gmorgan@vt.edu540-231-7380Pamplin 1023 George Morgan's bio
Douglas M. Patterson
amex@vt.edu540-231-5737Pamplin 1021 Douglas Patterson's bio
Bradley S. Paye
bpaye@vt.edu540-231-6523Pamplin 3056 Bradley Paye's bio
Vijay Singal
singal@vt.edu540-231-7750Pamplin 1016A Vijay Singal's bio
Cara Spicer
caspicer@vt.edu540-231-6859Pamplin 3060 Cara Spicer bio
Tong Wang
wangtong@vt.edu540-231-2343Pamplin 2124 Tong Wang's bio
Jin Xu
xujin@vt.edu540-231-3607Pamplin 2126 Jin Xu's bio
Pengfei Ye
pye@vt.edu540-231-2202Pamplin 3054 Pengfei Ye's bio

Part-Time Faculty

C.J. Carter
Chcarte5@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 C.J. Carter's bio
Christine Damico
cdamico@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Christine Damico's bio
Michael Jones
mrjones@vt.edu540-231-4131Pamplin  2120 Mike Jones' bio
Eric Johnsen
ejohnsen@vt.edu540-231-4131Pamplin  2120 Eric Johnsen's bio
Brian Murray
bnm1000@vt.edu540-231-4131Pamplin  2120 Brian Murray's bio
Wally Newton
wanewton@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Wally Newton's bio
Jake Powell
japowell@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Jake Powells's bio
Audra Price
audrapr@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Audra Price's bio
Tom Reilly
tbreilly@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111  Tom Reilly's bio
Josiah Showalter
josiahs6@vt.edu540- 231- 4131Pamplin  2120 Josiah Showalter's bio
John Spicer
john8@vt.edu540-231-6859Pamplin 3060 John Spicer's bio

Former Faculty

Kevin Sullivan

kevin.sullivan@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Kevin Sullivan's bio

Vittorio A. Bonomo
    Vittorio Bonomo in Memoriam

Emeritus Faculty

John M. Pinkerton   Retired August 9th, 2017
Dilip Shome   
G. Rodney Thompson   

Ph.D. Students

Shahram Amini
shahram@vt.edu540-231-3372Pamplin 2115 Shahram Amini's bio
Mengyang Chi
mychi@vt.edu540-231-6970Pamplin 2113  Mengyan Chi's bio
 Fan Li 540-231-4450Pamplin 2119 Fan Li's bio
Hongyan Li
hongyan@vt.edu540-231-4144Pamplin 2117 Hongyan Li's bio
Yao Li
jessieli@vt.edu540-231-6970Pamplin 2113 Yao Li's bio
Xiaolei (Rock) Shi 540-231-4514Pamplin 2121 Xiaolei Shi's bio
Mete Tepe
mtepe@vt.edu540-231-4450Pamplin 2119 Mete Tepe's bio
Yutong Xie
yxie@vt.edu540-231-4514Pamplin 2121 Yutong Xie's bio

Other Offices

SEED Pamplin (2129/2131)
BASIS Pamplin (2063/2065)

Departmental Committees (2017-2018)

Undergraduate Awards Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Art Keown
  • Cara Spicer
  • Ruth Lytton

Research Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Raman Kumar
  • Pengfei Ye

PH.D. Program Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Brad Paye
  • Pengfei Ye
  • Jin Xu

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  • John Easterwood
  • Greg Kadlec, Chair
  • Mike Kender
  • Jin Xu

Promotion and Tenure Committee

  • Art Keown, Chair, College P&T Committee
  • John Easterwood
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Raman Kumar
  • George Morgan, College Rep.
  • Jin Xu

Search Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Andrew MacKinlay
  • Brad Paye
  • Vijay Singal
  • Jin Xu
  • Manisha Singal

Seminar Committee

  • Brad Paye, Co-Chair
  • Jin Xu, Co-Chair
  • Greg Kadlec


Career Planning and Placement Committee

  • Mike Kender, Chair
  • Randy Billingsley
  • Ruth Lytton
  • Cara Spicer

Advisors and Directors

  • BASIS :George Morgan
  • SEED:Randy Billingsley
  • CFA® Program: Brian Hart
  • CFP® Program: Ruth Lytton
  • Finance Club: Wally Newton, Mike Jones, Mike Kender
  • Pre-Law Advisor: Jason Malone
  • UG Career/Placement: Mike Kender
  • Finance for Females: Cara Spicer

Representatives on College Committees

  • Graduate Studies: Raman Kumar (2019)
  • Honorifics and Awards: Art Keown (2018)
  • Internal Events: Leanne Brownlee (2018)
  • International Programs: George Morgan (2018)
  • Multicultural Diversity: Jin Xu (2018)
  • P&T: Art Keown (2018)
  • Research: John Easterwood (2018)
  • Technology: Douglas Patterson (2018)
  • Technology Committee (NCR): Sattar Mansi (2018)
  • UG AoL: Randal Billingsley (2019)
  • UG Awards: John Easterwood (2018)
  • UG Studies: Greg Kadlec (2019)
  • APEX Center: Mike Kender (2018)
  • CBIA Center: Sattar Mansi (2018)

Departmental Representatives on University Committees

  • Academic Support Committee: Jason Malone
  • Faculty Senate: Doug Patterson
  • University Curriculum Committee for General Education: Art Keown (co-Chair)
  • University Optional Retirement Planning Committee: Art Keown, Greg Kadlec