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Department Head

Vijay Singal
singal@vt.edu540-231-8143Pamplin 1016A Vijay Singal's bio

Staff (Pamplin 1016)

Leanne Brownlee-Bowen
Terry Goodson
Jessica Linkous

Full-Time Finance Faculty

Randall Billingsley
r.billingsley@vt.edu540- 231-7374Pamplin 2112 Randall Billingsley's bio
Vittorio A. Bonomo
bonomo@vt.edu540-231-0716Pamplin 2122 Vittorio Bonomo's bio
John C. Easterwood
jceast@vt.edu540-231-5550Pamplin 3058 John Easterwood's bio
Brian R. Hart
brhart@vt.edu540-231-9705Pamplin 3066 Brian Hart's bio
Gregory B. Kadlec
kadlec@vt.edu540-231-4316Pamplin 1025 Gregory Kadlec's bio
Michael Kender
mkender@vt.edu540-231-6357Pamplin 3068 Michael Kender's bio
Arthur J. Keown
emily@vt.edu540-231-8647Pamplin 1027 Art Keown's bio
Derek Klock
ddklock@vt.edu540-231-4419Pamplin 3061 Derek Klock's bio
Raman Kumar
rkumar@vt.edu540-231-5700Pamplin 1019 Raman Kumar's bio
Ruth Lytton
rlytton@vt.edu540-231-6678Pamplin 2114 Ruth Lytton's bio
Andrew MacKinlay
acmackin@vt.edu540-231-9355Pamplin 3062 Andrew MacKinlay's bio
Sattar A. Mansi
smansi@vt.edu703-538-8406344 NOVA Sattar Mansi's bio
George E. Morgan
gmorgan@vt.edu540-231-7380Pamplin 1023 George Morgan's bio
Douglas M. Patterson
amex@vt.edu540-231-5737Pamplin 1021 Douglas Patterson's bio
Bradley S. Paye
bpaye@vt.edu540-231-6523Pamplin 3056 Bradley Paye's bio
John M. Pinkerton
JohnPinkerton@vt.edu540-231-5002Pamplin 2128 John Pinkerton's bio
Vijay Singal
singal@vt.edu540-231-8143Pamplin 1025/1016A Vijay Singal's bio
Cara Spicer
caspicer@vt.edu540-231-6859Pamplin 3060 Cara Spicer bio
Tong Wang
wangtong@vt.edu540-231-2343Pamplin 2124 Tong Wang's bio
Jin Xu
xujin@vt.edu540-231-3607Pamplin 2126 Jin Xu's bio
Pengfei Ye
pye@vt.edu540-231-2202Pamplin 3054 Pengfei Ye's bio
Don Bowen   Don Bowen's bio
Jerchern Lin   Jerchern Lin's bio

Part-Time Faculty and Instructors

C.J. Carter
Chcarte5@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 C.J. Carter's bio
Michael Jones
mrjones@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Mike Jones' bio
Eric Johnsen
ejohnsen@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Eric Johnsen's bio
Wally Newton
wanewton@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Wally Newton's bio
Brian Murray
bnm1000@vt.edu540-231-0716Pamplin 2122 Brian Murray's bio
Tom Reilly
tbreilly@vt.edu540-231-7009Pamplin 2111  Tom Reilly's bio

Full-Time Business Law Faculty

Janine S. Hiller
jhiller@vt.edu540-231-7346Pamplin 2120 Janine Hiller's bio
Jason Malone
jbmalone@vt.edu540-231-4377Pamplin 2110 Jason Malone's bio

Part-Time Faculty and Instructors

Josiah Showalter
josiah6@vt.edu540- 231-4377Pamplin 2110 Josiah Showalter's bio
Kevin Sullivan
kevin.sullivan540-231-7009Pamplin 2111 Kevin Sullivan's bio
John Spicer
john8540-231-6859Pamplin 3060 John Spicer's bio

Emeritus Faculty

Dilip Shome
G. Rodney Thompson

Ph.D. Students

Shahram Amini
shahram@vt.edu540-231-3372Pamplin 2115 Shahram Amini's bio
Mengyang Chi
mychi@vt.edu540-231-6970Pamplin 2113  Mengyan Chi's bio
 Fan Li 540-231-4450Pamplin 2119 Fan Li's bio
Hongyan Li
hongyan@vt.edu540-231-4144Pamplin 2117 Hongyan Li's bio
Yao Li
jessieli@vt.edu540-231-6970Pamplin 2113 Yao Li's bio
Xiaolei (Rock) Shi 540-231-4514Pamplin 2121 Xiaolei Shi's bio
Mete Tepe
mtepe@vt.edu540-231-4450Pamplin 2119 Mete Tepe's bio
Yutong Xie
yxie@vt.edu540-231-4514Pamplin 2121 Yutong Xie's bio

Other Offices

SEED Pamplin (2129/2131)
BASIS Pamplin (2063/2065)

Departmental Committees (2016-2017)

Undergraduate Awards Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Art Keown
  • Cara Spicer
  • Ruth Lytton

Research Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Raman Kumar
  • Pengfei Ye

PH.D. Program Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Brad Paye
  • Tong Wang
  • Jin Xu

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

  • John Easterwood
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Mike Kender
  • Art Keown, Chair
  • Derek Klock
  • Pengfei Ye

Promotion and Tenure Committee

  • Art Keown, College Rep
  • Randy Billingsley
  • John Easterwood
  • Raman Kumar
  • George Morgan
  • John Pinkerton

Search Committee

  • John Easterwood, Chair
  • Greg Kadlec
  • Andrew MacKinlay
  • Vijay Singal
  • Jin Xu

Seminar Committee

  • Greg Kadlec, Chair
  • Vijay Singal
  • Jin Xu
  • Tong Wang


Career Planning and Placement Committee

  • Mike Kender, Chair
  • Randy Billingsley
  • Ruth Lytton
  • Cara Spicer

Advisors and Directors

  • BASIS :George Morgan
  • SEED:Randy Billingsley, John Pinkerton
  • CFA® Program: Brian Hart
  • CFP® Program: Ruth Lytton
  • Finance Club: Wally Newton, Mike Jones, Mike Kender
  • Pre-Law Advisor: Janine Hiller
  • UG Career/Placement: Mike Kender
  • Finance for Females: Cara Spicer

Representatives on College Committees

  • Graduate Studies: Sattar Mansi
  • Honorifics and Awards: Art Keown, Janine Hiller (Dean’s appointee)
  • Internal Events: Leanne Brownlee
  • International Programs: George Morgan
  • Multicultural Diversity: Jin Xu
  • P&T: Art Keown
  • Research: John Easterwood
  • Technology: Douglas Patterson
  • Technology Committee (NCR): Sattar Mansi
  • UG AoL: Derek Klock
  • UG Awards: John Easterwood
  • UG Studies: Art Keown
  • APEX Center: Mike Kender
  • CBIA Center: Sattar Mansi

Departmental Representatives on University Committees

  • Academic Support Committee: Jason Malone
  • Faculty Senate: Doug Patterson
  • C Liberal Education: Art Keown
  • Beyond Boundaries Steering Committee: Art Keown
  • University Athletics Committee: John Pinkerton
  • University Optional Retirement Planning Committee: Art Keown, Greg Kadlec