Virginia Tech Pamplin Departments

Faculty in the Media

Media Faculty Date Title
MarketWatch Derek Klock September 2016 Is Your Tolerance for Risk Being Measured Correctly?
Financial Planning Ruth Lytton August 2016 School's out: Making the case for a Financial Planning Degree.
VT News Art Keown April 2016 Art Keown Appointed Alumni Distinguished Professor
AACSB Blog Janine Hiller February 2016 Rediscovering the Power of Law in Business Education
Popular Science Janine Hiller February 2016 Companies are Using Big Data To Track Employee Health and Pregnancies
Econ Focus Ugur Lel Fall 2015 Worker Pay vs. CEO Pay
U.S. News Derek Klock Sept. 16, 2015 Protect Your Investment Portfolio From Volatility with Mutual Funds
Wallet Hub Derek Klock Fall 2015 2015 Holiday Budgets by City
Pamplin Magazine Raman Kumar Fall 2015 Raman Kumar wins Wine Teaching Award
Pamplin Magazine Sattar Mansi Fall 2015 Forever investors boost shareholder return
VT News Raman Kumar April 27, 2015 Raman Kumar receives 2015 William E. Wine Award
VT News Mike Kender March 20. 2015 Virginia Tech MBA students are state champs in investment banking competition
News Leader George Morgan September 11, 2014 Staunton nonprofit offers loan through crowd funding
The Roanoke Times George Morgan August 1, 2014 Parent of Valley Bank reports 1 percent increase in 'bottom line'
Investment News Derek Klock July 31, 2014 What makes the post-Gordon Gekko generation unique
Pilot Online Raman Kumar June 8. 2013 Experts say a rival bid for Smithfield is unlikely
Virginia Tech News Nikolaos Artavanis May 14, 2013 Graduate profile: Finance Ph.D. student's research on tax evasion in Greece gets worldwide attention
Bloomberg News Deniz Anginer May 10, 2013 No Lehman Moments as Biggest Banks Deemed Too Big to Fail
USA Today Ugur Lel April 18, 2013 Apple heads to lows not seen since Steve Jobs died
The Roanoke Times Raman Kumar September 16, 2012 Risky bonds prove costly for Carilion
Reuters Debarati Bhattacharya, Raman Kumar, Gokhan Sonaer October 27, 2011 Tough times for momentum investing
The Wall Street Journal Sattar Mansi October 22, 2011 When Funds Lend Stocks, Who Gains?
The Wall Street Journal Vijay Singal June 3, 2011 Major Index to Reshuffle
Pamplin Magazine Mike Kender Spring 2011 Mike Kender Helping Hokies head to Wall Street
Financial Advisor Magazine Derek Klock December 2010 & February 2011
Cents (American Airlines Magazine) Vijay Singal Winter 2010
Blue Ridge Business Journal Raman Kumar November 15, 2010 Cash to lend
The Roanoke Times Raman Kumar September 17, 2010 College students, careers connect at Tech job fair
Pamplin Magazine Yong Check Fall 2010 A not-so-risky business
Blue Ridge Business Jouranl Raman Kumar July 12, 2010 Taking a swipe at debit card fees
The Roanoke Times John Easterwood April 2, 2010 Fed official sees 'muted' economic recovery
VT News Yong Chen March 15, 2010 New research counters risky image of popular financial investments
Herald Tribune Vijay Singal November 16, 2009 Question investors should ask: Are stocks 'efficiently priced?'
Research Magazine (Virginia Tech) Randy Billingsley, George Morgan, and Raman Kumar Summer 2009 Everyone has questions on the Economy
Pamplin Magazine Sattar Mansi Spring 2009 New York vs Delaware Stricter state laws lead to higher corporate credit ratings
The Wall Street Journal Ambrus Kecskes May 26, 2009 MIA Analysts Give Companies Worries
The Roanoke Times Raman Kumar March, 15, 2009 Poor timing leaves insurer's future in doubt
Richmond Times-Dispatch BASIS December, 11, 2008 Students learn highs, lows of bond market
Channel 10 BASIS December, 11, 2008 Va. Tech students handle bond fund better than most
Hampton Roads George Morgan October, 07, 2008 How Wachovia came crashing down
The Roanoke Times Art Keown September, 26, 2008 Southwest Virginians seem resigned but skeptical about bailout
Inside Higher ED George Morgan June, 16, 2008 Going 'Un-Global'
Wall Street Journal Vijay Singal Apr. 21, 2008 Heading East
Newsweek CFP Faculty Feb. 23, 2008 Newsweek uses Virginia Tech's CFP programs to highlight need for future CFPs
Business Week Michael T. Cliff Feb. 13, 2008 If These Analysts Say 'Sell,' Sell BASIS Jan. 25, 2008 Virgina Tech's $4.8 Million Bond Fund Banks on Risk
Roanoke Times Vijay Singal Jan. 23, 2008 Area Investment Advisors Suggest Calm SEED Jan. 9, 2008 Virginia Tech's $5 Million 'SEED' Scorews with Brazilian Stocks
VT News Douglas Patterson and Vijay Singal Oct 30, 2007 "Pamplin College receives $1 million gift"
VT News Sattar Mansi Oct 29, 2007 "Virginia Tech Scholar of the Week"
The Boston Globe Greg Kadlec July 31, 2007 "Fees Can Slash Returns of Actively Managed Funds Over Long Haul"
Kiplinger Greg Kadlec July 17, 2007 Why Trading Costs Matter
Investment News Greg Kadlec July 9, 2007 Trading Costs Have Predictive Power
Investment News Vijay Singal May 29, 2007 Slim Pickings for Russell 2000 Arbitrageurs
Wall Street Journal Greg Kadlec Jan 21, 2007 Top 35 Mutual Funds
Roanoke Times George Morgan/BASIS Dec 30, 2006 At Tech, BASIS puts money where mouth is
NY Times Alexei Ovtchinnikov Nov 5, 2006 Campaign Contributions
NY Times Huseyin Gulen Nov 5, 2006 Campaign Contributions
Roanoke Times Raman Kumar July 25, 2006 HCA Agrees to Buyout
Roanoke Times Janine Hiller July 15, 2006 "Tech Researchers Creating Software to Protect Children"
Wall Street Journal Vijay Singal April 13, 2006 "Speculators Take Tolls on Index Funds"
Barron's Online Vijay Singal April 3, 2006 "Keeping Costs Down"
New York Times Vijay Singal March 12, 2006 "The Dollar May Tumble, but it's O.K. to Shrug"
Journal of Financial Economics Alexei Ovtchinnikov Volume 82, Issue 2, November 2006 "The Other January Effect"
Journal of Business Huseyin Gulen volume 79 (2006) "Is Time Series Predictability Evident in Real Time?"
Journal of Financial Economics Greg Kadlec Volume 77, Issue 2, August 2005 "Issuer Surplus and the Partial Adjustment of IPO Prices to Public Information"
Journal of Finance Mike Cliff Volume 59, Issue 6 “Do IPO Firms Purchase Analyst Coverage With Underpricing?”
Roanoke Times Vijay Singal July 10, 2005 "Taking stock of market signs"
Investor's Business Daily Alexei V. Ovtchinnikov January 2005 "January may have predictive power after all"
Journal of Finance Vijay Singal August 2004 “The Price Response to S&P 500 Index Additions And Deletions: Evidence Of Asymmetry And A New Explanation”
MSNBC Huseyin Gulen June 6, 2004 "BofA is Name Dropping: Market Research Pushes Bank to Pick Fleet Brand for Mutual Funds"
Journal of Finance Huseyin Gulen June 2004 “Informed Trading In Stock And Option Markets”
VT Alumni Association's Roanoke Chapter Vijay Singal May 26, 2004 Presentation
Blue Ridge Public Television (PBS) Vijay Singal May 25, 2004 Vijay Singal May 10, 2004 "Finance Quiz: In the short term, what erroneous conclusion might a stock's "bid-ask bounce" tempt you to make?"
Wall Street Journal Greg Kadlec May 3, 2004 "Monthly Mutual Funds Review --- Discovering Profits in Timing Funds --- A Student s Tip Aided Professor in Research Into Trading Strategy"
Newsweek Mike Cliff May 25, 2004 "The Analysts: Keeping the Bulls Running: Can Investors get an honest stock tip on (or off) Wall Street?"
New York Times Greg Kadlec March 7, 2004 "Why an S.E.C. Hurdle Won't Stop Fund Speculators"
San Antonio Express News Greg Kadlec Jan 03, 2004 "Most Mutual Fund Groupos Under Investigation Were Underperformers"
Southwest Airlines Spirit Vijay Singal Jan, 2004 "Author Q&A: Exploiting Stock Market Anomalies"
Money Vijay Singal Jan, 2004 "The Iceman Gaineth"
Beacon: Evanston's Grassroots Publication Vijay Singal Winter 2003 "Beyond the Random Walk: A Guide to Stock Market Anomalies and Low-Risk Investing"
CNN-Financal News Network Vijay Singal Dec 30, 2003 Show: Street Sweep 3:00 PM EST
New York Times Huseyin Gulen Dec 28, 2003 "Want to Pump New Life Into A Fund? Change Its Name"
The Daily Gazette Vijay Singal Dec 27, 2003 "Proceed with Caution: Asking Questions Helps Ensure Trustworthy Mutual Fund Deals" Vijay Singal Dec 2, 2003 "6 Dismissed Over Mutual Fund Flap"
Newsday Vijay Singal Dec 2, 2003 “Prudential Brokers Fired Amid Mutual Fund Probe”
Roanoke Times Vijay Singal Nov 30, 2003 "Investing in Market Tips"
Roanoke Times Raman Kumar Nov 21, 2003 "Former Advance CEO cashes in on stock's price"
The New York Times Gregory Kadlec Nov 21, 2003 "A Band-Aid for the Fund Industry's Broken Leg"
The Associated Press Gregory Kadlec Nov 10, 2003 Critics Slam Focus of Mutual Fund Probe
Journal of Business Abon Mozumdar October 2003 “Foreign Currency – Denominated Debt: An Empirical Examination” Business News Gregory Kadlec Sept 15, 2003 "Heard Off The Street: After Hours Trading Just A Bugaboo Compared To This Tactic”
The Journal News Vijay Singal Sept 12, 2003 “Mutual Fund Investors Need To Do Homework”
CFA Magazine Vijay Singal Sept 9, 2003 Point Counterpoint Agree or Disagree: Behavioral Finance Is Useful In Explaining Apparent Empirical Anomalies In Traditional Finance Theories
Virginian-Pilot Vijay Singal Aug 21, 2003 “Tax Act Spurs Some to Boost Payouts”
Roanoke Times Vijay Singal May 25, 2003 “Research Drive Has Some Tech Departments Feeling Left Out”
Journal of Financial Economics Sattar Mansi May 2003 “Founding Family Ownership And The Agency Cost of Debt”
Virginia Tech Magazine - Features Vijay Singal Summer 2003 “IN THE KNOW: Tech Experts Look To The Months Ahead”
Journal of Finance Vijay Singal April 2003 “Role of Speculative Short Sales in Price Formation: The Case of the Weekend Effect"
Government Reports Greg Kadlec March 12, 2003 and June 18, 2003 Four government reports that refer to Dr. Kadlec's article on mutual fund trading costs
Roanoke Times Business Section Vijay Singal March 21, 2003 “Some Locally Held Stocks React With Sharp Gains”
Wall Street Journal Huseyin Gulen March 14, 2003 "Mutual Funds Change Monikers, But Not Holdings, to Woo Money”
Roanoke Times Business Section Vijay Singal March 8, 2003 “Reconsider Investing In Your Company”
Roanoke Times Metro Section Janine Hiller Jan 17, 2003 “Botetourt County Board Gets Feedback On Web Site Plan”