Virginia Tech Pamplin Departments

Corporate Financial Management Track Resume Book

Student Name: Graduation Date: Option: Preferred Locations: Resume: Date Posted:
Rustin Ahmadian May 2020 CFM San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, NY, Washington DC, Charlotte NC, Chicago Rustin Ahmadians Resume 11/22/17
Codie Armitage May 2020 CFM None Codie Armitage's Resume 11/22/17
Allison Boston May 2020 CFM Northern Virginia, D.C. area Allison Boston's Resume 11/22/17
Christine Bottomley May 2019 CFM None Christine Bottomley's Resume 11/22/17
Patrick Brennan May 2018 CFM East and West Coast Patrick Brennan's Resume 5/15/17
Aimee Burns Dec 2018 CFM Northern VA, Richmond, VA Aimee Burns' Resume 11/22/17
Shivani Challa May 2018 CFM None Shivani Challa's Resume 4/24/17
Carsten DeWolff May 2018 CFM Richmond VA Carsten DeWolff's Resume 11/22/17
Patrick Esposito May 2019 CFM Greater NYC area, D.C. Metropolitan Patrick Esposito's Resume 11/22/17
William Fisher May 2020 CFM None William Fisher's Resume 11/22/17
John Holland May 2019 CFM D.C., Boston, or London John Holland's Resume 11/22/17
Renee Kasongo May 2020 CFM None Renee Kasongo's Resume 11/22/17
Haruto Kato May 2019 CFM Northern Virginia Haruto Kato's Resume 11/22/17
Patrick McDonald May 2018 CFM DC, Charlotte, NYC, Chicago Patrick McDonald's Resume 11/22/17
Yvon Migan-Gandonou May 2018 CFM None Yvon Migan-Gandonou's Resume 4/24/17
Harsh Rangpara May 2018 CFM North Carolina(Raleigh, Charlotte area), Georgia (Atlanta), New York NY, California Harsh Rangpara's Resume 11/22/17
Bradley Regan May 2018 CFM Northern Virginia Bradley Regan's Resume 11/22/17
Emma Saunders May 2019 CFM None Emma Saunders' Resume 11/22/17
Caroline Silas May 2019 CFM Northern VA or DC area Caroline Silas' Resume 11/22/17
Kate Sims May 2019 CFM East Coast  Kate Sims' Resume 1/8/18
Austin Wozniak TBD CFM None Austin Wozniak's Resume 4/24/17

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