Opportunities to participate at Virginia Tech:

The Department of Finance is committed to its students and supports them through their graduation in every possible way that it can. Alumni are one of the most valuable resources to an educational institution and their participation and association is highly regarded and appreciated. Alumni could be of great assistance to the Department by offering their inputs and suggestions to the current students.

Share Your Expertise and Experiences

In addition to learning from their professors, students like to get an insider's perspective from practitioners. You are the perfect source to advise on diverse areas. Perhaps you will be able to pick and nurture promising students. Meetings can be arranged in different forums, such as:

1) Classroom settings: Talk with MBA students or undergraduate students on topics that match the syllabus of the course. Discuss the application of academic content in the real world.

2) Informal group meetings: Talk with Finance Club members, SEED members, selected MBA Finance students, or address MBA students as part of the Alumni Career Exploration Series. The topic(s) of discussion are up to the visitor.

3) Formal small student groups can be formed where you, the alumni, can hold intensive sessions to teach students a particular skill.

Advice on Curriculum Issues

We are always looking for ways to improve the curriculum so that students are ready to be productive in the work place upon graduation. We need your help in constantly introducing new courses and new course content based on the changes in the business environment. You know what worked for you and what didn't. Why don't you share that with us? Once again, different forums are available: in meetings with the Departmental MBA Curriculum committee, Departmental Undergraduate Curriculum committee, individual faculty members, and the department head.


Placement is easily the most important concern of all students beginning with their freshman year. Many students choose their majors based on placement prospects. Fortunately, this is the area in which alumni can be the most effective without expending much effort. One word from you can open a host of opportunities for a VT student looking for an internship, a co-op, or a full-time job. Some opportunities for you to assist are listed below:

1.Visit Blacksburg and talk with students about identifying their own strengths in the Finance field, marketing those strengths, and searching for appropriate jobs.

2.Ask for resumes of qualified graduate students and undergraduate students from the Finance department, or download them from our site. Once you receive the resumes, circulate those to your division and the human resources personnel.

3.We have experts in the Finance department (Randy Billingsley, randall@vt.edu), and in the university (Laura Hickerson, laurahickerson@vt.edu) especially designated to help our students. They can always provide you more information.

4.You can have your company recruit at Virginia Tech by participating in Business Horizons that is held annually in the Fall semester and the Connection Job Fair for internships and co-op positions in the Spring semester.

5.Register at VT Career Link. This is our alumni database where alumni can volunteer to help out students. It is free for alumni volunteers and a great way to help current students. The form is a bit long but worth it: http://www.career.vt.edu/scripts/vtcl2004/login.asp

6.Do you have an opening? Go to Career Services and post the opening at http://www.career.vt.edu/employer/employer1.htm. In addition, send a copy by e-mail to all individuals mentioned in #3 above.

Support The Department

There are many ways in which you can assist the department offer high-quality instruction, attract and retain outstanding faculty, and allow the department to provide many other services for students.

1.Share your databases with individual members of the faculty or with students. Faculty are always looking for unique data sets that can be used to answer interesting questions, perhaps, one that is important to your company. These databases help the faculty conduct and publish high quality research.

2.If you require expert advice or require someone to research a particular topic, faculty members are always ready to take on those special projects. Whether it is a consulting project, a research project, or a teaching assignment (Management Development Program), you will almost always find a faculty member who is an expert in your field of interest. Feel free to contact us at fin@vt.edu.

3.Financial contributions would help for the department in achieving its mission. The department has a list of specific needs for financial support. Write to the department for that list if you are interested. Additionally you may send your gifts or pledges to Sam Albimino, Director of Development, Pamplin College of Business (0209), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061. Please mention that the funds are for the Finance department, and send a copy to us.

4.Overall Assistance: If you are committed to helping the Finance department on different dimensions, join the Finance Department Alumni Advisory Board. Contact Derek Klock at ddklock@vt.edu for more details.