Undergraduate Curriculum:

The Undergraduate Program in Finance, Insurance and Business Law offers expertise in accounting and finance, essential for being a successful financial professional. This program includes computer-based courses and international electives which expose the students to the use of technology and to the operations of international financial systems. The students learn the application of various theoretical models in financial decision-making and in analytical approaches to problem-solving in the realm of finance. The program maintains a strong focus on case-oriented course work that will help students apply their knowledge to realistic situations and strengthen their oral and written communication skills.

Virginia Tech’s Pamplin College of Business is a CFA Program Partner of CFA Institute, the global, non-profit professional association that administers the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum and examination program. Please see link for details. Also check out the site:

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

University Requirements:

Since a student will not start taking courses from Finance before he/she becomes a junior, the student will be responsible for fulfilling the requirements at both university and Pamplin College of Business level.

Finance Department Core Courses:

Once a student has met all the requirements at university and college level, he/she will be officially enrolled as a finance major (since the department does not offer finance as a minor.). The following are the requirements of the department.

FIN 3104: Introduction to Finance (also listed as college core course)
FIN 3134: Finance Concepts and Skills, prerequisite for FIN 3144 and FIN 3154
FIN 3144: Investments: Debt, Equity and Derivatives, prerequisite for all 42XX finance electives
FIN 3154: Corporate Finance, prerequisite for all 42XX finance electives
FIN 3055: Legal Environment of Business (also listed as college core course)
ACIS 3115: Financial Accounting or ACIS 4194: Analysis of Financial Statements

Finance Tracks:

In addition, students majoring in finance are also required to choose one or more career track(s) from the following and finish at least four finance electives to meet the requirements of each of their designated career track(s). For more information on Finance Tracks, please see your advisor.

  • Investment Management and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Track
  • Corporate Financial Management Track
  • Financial Services Management Track
  • Financial Accounting Track
  • Certified Financial Planner Certification Education Track
  • General Finance Track

Finance Electives:

See Track information on the Checksheet regarding required electives.

  • FIN 4144: International Financial Management
  • FIN 4154: Real Estate Finance
  • FIN 4224: Fixed Income Securities
  • FIN 4234: Venture Capital and Investment Banking
  • FIN 4244: Asset Valuation and Corporate Governance
  • FIN 4254: Bank Management and Financial Services
  • FIN 4264: Managing Risk with Derivatives
  • FIN 4274: Equity Securities
  • ACIS 3116: Financial Accounting II
  • ACIS 3314: Tax Impact on Decisions
  • ACIS 3215: Cost Accounting
  • ACIS 4214: Cost Planning and Control